Shopsi - Infrared Space Heater Indoor Only Garage Bedroom Room Electric Tripod
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Infrared Space Heater Indoor Only Garage Bedroom Room Electric Tripod
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Infrared Space Heater Indoor Only Garage Bedroom Room Electric Tripod

Say goodbye to winter chills with this Infrared Space Heater Indoor Only Garage Bedroom Room Electric Tripod! This 3-legged powerhouse of a heater is designed to quickly and efficiently warm up any space. With infrared technology, it provides targeted warmth while using minimal energy. The adjustable thermostat and low-noise operations make it perfect for bedrooms or living spaces where noise cancellation is important.

Infrared Space Heater Indoor Only Garage Bedroom Room Electric Tripod Features:

  • Freestanding/Wall Mounted Space Heater: ATTENTION! This multifunctional portable infrared heater can only be used at an environmental temperature above zero degrees, so we recommend using it indoors! Like the bedroom, living room, garage, bathroom, etc. There are two ways installation is available: tripod frame installation enables its freestanding use with easy movement, and back head installs kits make it also available for fixed wall-mount use.
  • 24-Hour Timer & 1500W Output: Let you sleep in bed with a cozy warmth from the radiant room heater. Thanks to the 24 hours timer system, it will automatically trigger shutoff at a set time. The heat output is as powerful as 1500W, but you can also choose 900W or 1200W for less cold space use. The large radiant scope from the element warms up to 18 square meters.
  • Carbon Infrared Heat Element: Electric infrared heater produces heat that is similar to sunlight and is quickly absorbed by the skin. The infrared rays have really high heating efficiency and speed and up to 60% less heat loss than a fan blow heater.
  • Auto shut Safety Protection & IP55 Rate: If your little cats and dogs find the heater interesting and play with it when you are absent, it will be dangerous. Don?t worry! The electric heater has an auto shutoff mechanism to ensure safe use. When tilting 60°, it will automatically extinguish. Straight it up to restore normal function! Our space heater has an IP55 rating for outdoor use, but you need to use it when the outdoors is not as cold as below zero degrees, or it will trigger a cut-off system!!!
  • Adjustable Angle & Height: You can freely lower or heighten the heater when enjoying parties or coffee on the patio with a telescope tripod shiftable from 4 Ft to 6.8 Ft. The head is also up and down adjustable by 60° (don't face upwards too much or it will shut off for safety issues), convenient and easy to control depending on different using scenarios


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